9 ways to fit exercise into your busy life

Whether you're a busy professional, entrepreneur or parent - finding time to exercise isn't always the easiest item on your to-do list.  Here are 9 simple ways you can increase your exercise level and achieve your goals.

Some simple tips to help you achieve your health goals in and around your life.

1. Prioritise

You only do the things you feel are important, so make sure your exercise is important to you.  Plan your day and week and ensure you that you can complete your daily tasks as well as your exercise.  The most common reason people don't complete their important tasks is because they let the urgent ones get in the way.

2. Keep a diary

The best way to keep track of your progress is to write it down.  This enables you to see at a glance not only how often you were able to exercise, but how you've improved over time.  You can also ensure that you're rotating the exercises you're doing to ensure maximum benefit and reduce the risk of injury.  There are plenty of iPhone and Android apps out there that will do just about everything you need - but a simple calendar entry or handwritten note can be just as effective.

3. Schedule it

Frank Bettger said it best in How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling when he explained how important his schedule was to him.  Once something was in his diary, it was extremely difficult if not impossible to over-ride it and let something new take its place.

4. Get support

"No man is an island", or we do better in groups and achieve more together as a team.  You don't have to exercise alone, it's almost certain there are others in your social and professional circles that have the same challenges and maybe even goals as you do.  Reach out to your network and ask - you'll probably find others that want to do it with you.

5. Remember your why

The goals most commonly achieved by people are those tied to a strong why.  Trade an feeling for a feeling, in other words; know why you're doing the exercise.  Just "being healthy" probably isn't going to be enough.  However, "being able to run around with my kids" is much more likely to motivate you to keep going when times are tough.

6. Be accountable

A goal isn't a goal unless it's written down.  Similarly, you are much more likely to keep yourself on track if you have to be honest to a coach or mentor.  Find someone you can trust to keep you going, someone who understands your why as well as your challenges but doesn't let you use them as an excuse.

7. Make it fun

When you're having fun, you're not only creating a positive relationship with the activity, but you're also happy which has other health benefits.  The easiest way to increase the Fun Factor is to introduce some competition.  It could just be with yourself - pushing yourself to do that little bit extra each week, or with others in your support group.  Many people are motivated by either words of affirmation or receiving gifts, work out what works and think about incorporating something into your routine.

8. Reward yourself

Every action creates a victory and victories should be rewarded.  Remember to reward yourself along the way.  Small goals, small rewards.  Big goals, big rewards.

9. Create extra time

Can you get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning?  Instead of that late night television, what about a quick 15 minute interval set?

As the Merovingian so eloquently said in The Matrix Reloaded, "But then if we never *take* time, how can we have time?"



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