Mental Edge

Your key to success is different thinking for better results. Before you can think differently, you need to understand why you think the way you do now.

The reason the team at Generational Change is so successful at helping you achieve your goals and actually effect generational change is because we focus on more than just diet and exercise.  There are more health professionals than ever before, there is more readily available information than ever before; and yet we are sicker, fatter and more unhealthier than ever before.  Clearly, there is something missing.

At the same time as you work through changing your eating habits and increase your movement, you will learn about personality types, goal setting, how to reward yourself, team work, why you make the decisions you do, building better relationships, conflict resolution, negotiation, people skills, how to inspire and motivate yourself and others.

Through simple and easy to follow information, you get access to the intellectual property of thousands of successful people all over the world.

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn

Association and mentoring is critical

When you were growing up, did your parents ever say "Don't hang around with little Johnny, he's a bad influence"?  Some people just aren't good for you.  Conversely, some people are great for you!  You need to associate with people who are going to support you in your goals and have walked the path you are starting down.

We are often asked what the "secret" or "short-cut" is.  Realistically, the answer is there isn't one.  It's small steps in the right direction, repeated daily.  But you can get a leg up by finding someone who has a proven track record of helping others achieve the same things you want, or already has the result you want.  The real trick is after you've found them; will they help you?  And at what cost?

We are so passionate about achieving Generational Change and helping you achieve your goals, that we believe the mentoring is the most critical part of the Mental Edge.

Better results with what you are doing now

Do you want to improve the results in your current job?  Do you want a promotion?  Are you looking to take the next step in your career?  If this is you, then the soft skills you will learn through the Mental Edge will help you.

"A recent Department of Education study shows that companies are having trouble finding and retaining the right talent. Soft (interpersonal) skills have become more important than hard (technical) skills. It’s never been easier to acquire hard skills — and those skills will only get you so far. Companies are looking for leadership, organizational, teamwork, listening, and coaching skills"

Jenna Goudreau

There are countless examples of people who have used the material available through our Mental Edge programme to get better results in their jobs and careers.

Build better and stronger relationships

Have you ever noticed that you get along really well with some people, and then there are those that just rub you the wrong way for no reason?  That's normal, and it's not because anyone has done anything wrong - you just have different personality types.  But before you can understand others, you first need to understand yourself.

If you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, then you can focus your time in the right places.  You also learn how to build teams that excel and over-deliver.